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Dear Event Marketers,
Happy New Year! As we prepare for 2018 it is important to consider how to improve our trade show success. This newsletter gives you tips on getting noticed at your next event, how to convince your leadership to try new trade show tactics and learning from your own competitors about successful exhibiting tactics. We also have some references you can use to find top shows in North America and in the jewelry industry.
Also, don't forget to sign up for our upcoming webinar in February: Navigating Trade Show Rules and Regulations (February 14th at 11am or February 21st at 1pm). You will learn basic rules you must know when exhibiting and get an opportunity to ask questions about budgeting, exhibit design and more.
Is there a topic you think we should cover? Let us know and you may see it in our next newsletter.
Sofia Troutman
Digital Marketing & Product Innovation Manager
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January's Featured Articles:

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Naughty or Nice: 9 Things Staffers Do to Get Your Booth Noticed (For the Right Reasons)

No matter how wonderful your exhibit or promotions, if you have booth staffers who are not paying attention you could lose more brand equity and sales than you realize.

Click here to see the nine things staffers can do to get you noticed.

    Going a New Way: Convincing Management to Try New Trade Show Strategies

Do you think your business’ trade show strategy is in need of an overhaul? Oftentimes, the greatest challenge to a new approach is convincing leadership to abandon their old way of doing things. If you feel like your exhibit efforts need rethinking, the following steps may help you win your management’s approval. Click here to learn more.

    Learning from The Competition

There is a strange irony in exhibiting: even though we are all showing off our marketing expertise in very public ways, we’re all obviously tight-lipped when it comes talking about which of our efforts work, and which don’t. So how do we learn from them?

Learn how! Click here.

  Top North American Trade Shows for Third Quarter 2018

July, August and September 2018 trade shows and events are closer than you think! Take a look at this listing of the Top North American Trade Shows of Quarter 3, 2018 and get a head start on planning.

Click here to see these top shows.

    Top 12 Jewelry Shows & Fairs: Check Out Some of these Gems

Trade shows and expos in the jewelry industry are among some of the largest each year. These international events provide a rare opportunity to see and meet with hundreds of suppliers and buyers in one place. When planning your yearly calendar, give special consideration to these upcoming events. Click here to see the list.

    First-Timer Trade Show Attendee Experience

Does your exhibit catch the eye of the average customer passing by? Here are a few tips from a first-time trade show attendee that are sure to make sure you aren’t losing too many customers before you even have the chance to speak with them.

Read these tips. Click here.

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Wednesday, February 14th
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  Wednesday, February 21st
1:00 pm CST - 2:00 pm CST
30 Minute Presentation, 30 Minute Q&A
You don't know what you don't know!
We're here to break down the complex rules and regulations surrounding trade shows, so that you aren't left wondering why you can't set up your own booth, when to expect minimum labor charges, or how loud you can play music in your exhibit area.
Attend this free webinar to gain helpful information on:
  • Budgeting
  • Exhibit design planning
  • Exhibit set up, take down and packing
  • At-show activities - including giveaways
  • Technology
  • I&D
Some rules are unspoken, others are strict regulations which may carry significant penalties - we cover both in this webinar. Then, after the presentation, get your trade show questions answered in a lively Q&A session.
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    Two New ROI Resources
Trade Show ROI Calculator & Comparison Tool

Do you need to justify your trade show investments? Use the Trade Show ROI Calculator to:
  • Track Costs
  • Identify Leads & sales opportunities
  • Calculate ratio of sales and benefits over cost

Use the Trade Show Comparison tool to estimate the return on investment from attending a show. Features include:
  • Track actual costs, leads acquired and important dates for up to 5 trade shows
  • Calculate and view an overview of your trade show metrics
  • Access charts to visually communicate your results to management
Click here to download these complimentary materials today!

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