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Trade Show Tips
Hello Trade Show & Event Marketers,

Exhibit rental is a growing trend in B to B marketing. We surveyed veteran exhibitors to better understand their decision to rent and created an informative infographic to explain the benefits of exhibit rental. We also have some thought provoking questions you can use to help build your trade show strategy, great perspective on how to prepare for the future of exhibiting, and best practices for generating attendee interaction in this month's newsletter!

If there is a topic you'd like to learn more about, send us your suggestions.

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July's Featured Articles:

Rent or Own?   Exhibit Rental Insights Infographic

60% of exhibitors rent exhibits to reduce costs and gain flexibility. What are your reasons? We surveyed veteran exhibitors to understand the value of trade show exhibit rental.

Review our research to help determine if rental is a good choice for your next trade show. 

Pinpoint your Strategy   Questions to Pinpoint Your Trade Show Strategy

Do you know what your trade show strategy is? Ask your team these thought provoking questions to help develop your strategy.

Develop your strategy here.

What's the future of Exhibit Design?   The Future of Exhibit Design

Technology and social media have changed the demands of what clients want within their trade show exhibit. One factor has remained constant through 30 years; “Impress me.” What else does the future hold for exhibit design?

Understand the future here.

Stop attendees   How To Stop Trade Show Attendees in 5 Seconds Flat

The goal of any exhibitor is to stop attendees in their tracks in just 5 seconds, before they move along. But how do you do that?

Engage your prospects here.

Portable Exhibits   Portable Displays Place Distant Shows in Reach

Expand your trade show presence by using portable trade show exhibits.

Reach new heights here.

10 Mistakes Exhibitors Make 
10 Mistakes

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In this no-cost webinar, we'll reveal 10 Mistakes Exhibitors Make again and again - then tell you how to fix them.

Learn to prevent trade show mistakes in these areas:
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You've got a tremendous investment in time and money in marketing your business at trade shows. Don't get in the way of your own success!

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