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Dear Event Marketers,
As Summer heats up, so are preparations for Fall trade shows & events. We have articles to help you, whether you are planning to livestream your next event, looking for a better way to feature your products at the show, or picking out the sweetest swag to draw in qualified booth visitors.
This month we are also trying something new by introducing some account based marketing concepts that may be relevant to you. As you prepare to gather leads, this information should help you better communicate with marketing and sales regarding lead follow-up and ongoing marketing tactics.
We hope this information helps you meet your marketing and sales goals!
Sofia Troutman
Sr. Digital Marketing & Product Innovation Manager
Skyline Exhibits
July's Featured Articles:
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Social Livestreaming -- Using Live Video for Trade Show Marketing

If you have been slow to embrace any form of video marketing - or if you have yet to experiment with anything but native, pre-recorded videos - consider the following tips for joining the world of live streaming.

Click here to view our tips!

  Do's and Don'ts for Trade Show Merchandising

Just as in a store environment, products merchandised at a trade show need to be displayed to attract attention, draw in traffic and maximize sales. To avoid displays that are either too sparse and boring or overly cluttered and overwhelming, use these guidelines for your next trade show layout. Click here!

    The Swag Alternative: How Experiential Premiums Build Better Brand Loyalty

How many t-shirts, mobile device chargers, water bottles, etc. have you received at trade shows? How many of them actually changed your view of the company that produced them? Today, more and more brands are ditching the plastic trinkets in favor of less tangible, more experiential premiums.

Click here to to learn more!

  Account Based Marketing: A Primer for Trade Show Managers

Much of today’s trade show marketing focuses on lead generation. But large sales to strategic B2B accounts typically aren’t decided by a single lead – they are more often determined by a larger buying team, and each member of that team has unique needs that need to be addressed.

This has given rise to what’s called “account based marketing” (or ABM). But what does it mean? Click here to find out!

  Using Tech to Bring Your Products to Life

We all know demos are a wonderful way to get attention at a trade show and to showcase your products. But sometimes it's not practical to bring your products to the show or maybe they are not easy to demo. What do you do then?

Click here for some ideas on how you can use technology to give your products or services the stopping power they deserve.

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  • 6 tips for merchandising your physical products, whether they are large, small, or in between, to drive more booth traffic and increase attendee engagement
  • 5 tips for marketing your product so that you also build your brand and communicate your company messages, using the power of words, graphics, and digital technology
  • 3 tips for service companies that lack a physical product to showcase in their booth, but still want to capture attention and persuade attendees
  • Real-life examples including photos and stories about 54 successful exhibits.
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 Exhibiting with Technology by Skyline Exhibits   Exhibiting with Technology

Learn the current & expected future use of technology and digital content by trade show exhibitors.

This report provides a snapshot of current technology and digital content usages, and provides exhibitors with insights as to the greatest benefits and pitfalls tech can bring to their trade show program.

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