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Welcome Trade Show & Event Marketers,

We have timely trade show tips for you as you plan your Fall trade show presence. Insights on event & experiential marketing trends, digital marketing tactics to incorporate, and the 7 types of foods to avoid serving at your trade show are just a few of the topics we have for you this month.

Enjoy your summer! 

Warm Regards,

Sofia Troutman
Customer Engagement & Industry Relations Manager
Skyline Exhibits

June's Featured Articles:


Digital Marketing   What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing, why is it important to understand, and how can I learn to incorporate it into my trade shows and events?

Understand Digital Marketing here.

Event   Event & Experiential Marketing Trends

What are the goals for event & experiential marketing in 2016? Are they worth doing? We found out.

Learn what trends are shaping the industry here.

Avoid these foods   Avoid Serving These 7 Types of Food at Your Trade Show

When determining your menu, there are 7 types of food you should not serve unless you are ready for dangerous consequences.

Find out what these are here.

Change   How Has The Role Of The Trade Show Manager Evolved?

Today's trade show manager is still responsible for event logistics, but tactics are rapidly evolving to keep up with diverse client needs and preferences, expanding industries and tech trends.

Learn how your role has evolved here.

Beginner Tips   Must Know Beginner Trade Show & Event Terms

New to the trade show and events world? Here are common terms, products & lingo related to the event & trade show industry.

Expand your credibility here.

Tech For Trade Show Exhibitors 

Tech For Trade Shows

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1 hour webinar: 30 minutes presentation, 30 minutes Q&A
Same content for Sessions I & II

A large and growing number of exhibitors have embraced technology to attract more people to their booth, create greater interactivity, and streamline how they capture and fulfill leads. Based on an extensive new survey, we'll share with you:
  • The best ways exhibitors use tech
  • The tech exhibitors like best
  • The tech exhibitors will- and won't- be using in the near future
  • How exhibitors plan to use tech, including Audio Visual, lighting, lead retrieval, social media, apps, mobile, internet and more.
  • Where exhibitors get help implementing tech (and where you should look)
  • What content exhibitors present with tech (for ideas you can use)
  • How much exhibitors are budgeting for tech, now and in the future 
Register online today! All registrants will receive a link to the recording and a PDF version of the presentation whether they attend or not. 

Tech for Exhibitors  

Tech for Trade Show Exhibitors

A large and growing group of exhibitors have embraced technology to attract more people to their booth, create greater interactivity, and streamline how they capture and fulfill leads.

If you're looking to enhance and advance your trade show program, you'll want to read this.

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