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Dear Event Marketers,
There is no substitute for face-to-face communication for building authentic relationships. That said, technology can really help us reach more people, track invitations, collect contacts and share digital materials once that connection is made.
In this month's publication, we take learnings from many event types and apply them to business opportunities. From a music event like Bonnaroo, to private events and upcoming tech trade shows, there is something to learn in each of them. They all need budgets, audience knowledge and engagement tips and, of course, appropriate signage and we have tips for you to succeed.
Best of luck with all your upcoming events this Summer!
Sofia Troutman
Sr. Digital Marketing & Product Innovation Manager
Skyline Exhibits
June's Featured Articles:
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Advanced Digital Marketing Campaign Tracking

In this second in a series of campaign tracking tips, we explain two common digital marketing metrics that exhibit managers fail to track, and how to add and benefit from them in your own campaign efforts.

Click here to view these helpful tips.

  Brand it Like Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo, which has a reputation as THE place to see emerging and established pioneers in music, comedy and cinema has also made it the go-to destination for companies looking to build brand affinity, especially among millennial audiences.

Click here to view our experiential marketing take-aways from festival organizers and exhibitors that are sure to help you plan your next live event.

    Planning a Private Event

Taking the leap into hosting or organizing a private event for your company? Avoid the headaches and pitfalls with these best practices to help the process run smoother.

Click here to view these helpful tips that are sure to make your next event run smoothly.

  Technology Trade Shows & Events for Early 2019

In today’s ever changing tech world, we all need to stay abreast of digital trends. If you’re not directly selling tech products or services, you invariably have critical partners, suppliers or vendors in the tech sector.

Click here to view this list of large North American technology trade shows and events already scheduled for the first part of 2019.

  Trade Show Basics

Are you someone who has had your company’s trade show program added to your already full plate? You may be feeling a bit overwhelmed, so here are five things to keep in mind as you’re running your trade show program.

Click here to view our list.

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Being memorable as an exhibitor is extremely important for a successful show. Keeping your brand front of mind is achieved in many ways; a strong physical presence at the show with ample space, a "stand out" display with a clearly stated message, well-trained staff who work as a cohesive team, diligent follow-up, and perhaps an appropriate giveaway. 
It is important to identify not only why giveaways can benefit your trade show experience, but how you can execute them well. This webinar explains just that, as well as identifies which giveaways work best and which you should avoid.
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This reference guide will provide insight into the changes in trade show booth staffing, what's causing the shift, and how to best prepare your team. Resource includes:
  • Industry changes in training
  • Best practices when selecting staffers
  • Training worksheets
  • And much more
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